Eszterházy Károly College - Department of Visual Arts

Eszterházy Károly College is an institution committed to excellence in education and positioning itself for the future. It achieves this while remaining faithful to its intellectual heritage from when it was founded in 1948 as a Pedagogy College, and continuing the two-and-a-half centuries old tradition of higher education in Eger. In the last fifty years the College contributed to the development of the Hungarian public education sector and society as a whole by training more than three-hundred-thousand professionals.

This institution with nearly 10,000 students and 650 employees shapes its education system to meet the social and economic demands of this century. It offers an exceptionally wide range of education programs. By raising the quality of the education services, building up a comparable, flexible study system that offers choices to meet students' demands, (joining the European Higher Education Area according to the Bologna Process), and preparing for the special education needs of the region, the College awards both nationally and internationally recognized diplomas.

Over four separate faculties, Eszterházy Károly College offers nearly 30 undergraduate BA and BS programs in the fields of humanities, economics, social sciences, natural sciences, sports science and the arts in full time. Many of the programs can even be pursued in as part time or correspondence programs.

Advanced level vocational programs, several post secondary and post graduate programs are also available, and M.A. level teacher training is to be launched in the near future. The College provides an exceptionally good service for learning languages; language tests can be taken in two state accredited test centers. Eszterházy Károly College aims to be an institution that both awards degrees recognized nationally and internationally, and one that increasingly fulfils the role of scientific and cultural center in the city and in the north Hungarian region.