Dr. Péter Balázs

Balázs Péter

Péter Balázs viradbalazspeter@gmail.com

Hungary, 3325 Noszvaj, Kossuth Lajos str. 34

Born in Hungary in 1967


1986-91 Hungarian Applied Art University, Teacher-ceramics class

1991-94 Janus Pannonius University, Masterschool of Art, Ceramics schulptor class Master: Imre Schrammel

1995 Theach in the Visual Art Class of the Teaching Training College in EKF, in Eger

Founding member of the FARKASKŐ NBME in 1997, member of the managment board from the start.

2009 Doctor of Liberal Art

Solo exhibition:

2010 Visual Center of Kepes, House of Vitkovics, Eger

2009 DLA exibition, PTE, Pécs

2008 Garden, Parti Galery, Pécs /with Gálhidy Péter, Kotormán László/

2004 Visual Center of Kepes, House of Vitkovics, Eger

2003 Parti Galery, Pécs

Ceramics Museum, Frechen ( D ) / with Kemény Péter /
Library of Town, Eger / with Földi Péter /

1998 Castle of De la Motte , Noszvaj /with Tátrai Vanda /

1997 EKTF Cavegalery, Eger

Parti Galery, Szolnok /with Füzesi Zsuzsa /
House of Young, Eger / with F. Balogh Erzsébet /

1995 Kálai Kunst Galery, München( D ) / with Horváth Gabriella, Polyák János /

1992 Studio Galery of Young Applied Artists, Budapest / with Brinkus Kata /

Primary group exhibitions:

Farkaskő NBME 1997-2009, Galery of Town, Székesfehérvár
Sculptures, Castle of Lamberg, Mór
Visual Artists in hungarian universites, Galery of Vasary, Kaposvár

60 years, Art education Eger, Visual Center of Kepes, House of Vitkovics , Eger
Net work 21c, Art Festival, Korea

Land art exhibition, Castle of Károlyi, Fehérvárcsurgó
XII. National Biennal Exhibition of Graphic Arts, Salgótarján

Miroring, exhibition at International Ceramics simpozion, Pécs
XIX. Biennal of Ceramics, Pécs
Master exhibition of  EKF, Dulánszky Galery, Pécs

2005 Master exhibition of  EKF, Csók Galery. Budapest

2004 Master exhibition of  EKF , Miskolc

2001 Spring exhibition, Salgótarján       

2000 Schulpture in Pécs, Mór

Statues, Visual Center of Kepes, House of Vitkovics , Eger
Eclipse, Rárós-Kenyere part, Hódmezövásárhely
Winter exhibition, Salgótarján

XV. Biennal of Ceramics, Pécs
Farkaskő NBME exhibition, Visual Center of Kepes, House of Vitkovics, Eger

1997-99 Derkovits scholarship year exhibition, Ernst Múzeum, Budapest

National Biennal of Graphic Art, Miskolc
Nude , Parragh Szalon, Budapest

1997-2010  FARKASKŐ NBME project, menegmant, currated and organized  exhibitions and simpozions.


Supported : NKA, NKÖM; NCA; Autonómia Foundation;  Ökotárs Foundation;  General Assembly Country for Heves; Lord Major Office of Eger M. J. V.; Philip-MorrisTobacofactory Rt, Eger; Kárpátok Foundation;  Local Government Noszvaj; Phare

Prizes, Scholarships:          

NKA scholarship (DLA project)
British Council, (UK) Museum education  program

2004 NKA scholarship (Siklós simpozion)

2003 exhibition sholarship Lord Major Office of Eger M. J. V.,

1998 Award of the Cultural Ministery in the XV. Ceramic Bienale, Pécs

1997-1999 Derkovits Gyula Fine Art Sholarship

1992-1994 Moholy-Nagy László Applide Art Sholarship

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